And we have the track record to prove it.

Competitive Business Solutions (CBS) works alongside your team to quickly resolve performance issues, implementing strategies that produce sustainable results with minimal disruption.

  • We bring experienced leadership teams with balanced skillsets
  • We integrate seamlessly with your people and business culture
  • We customize our processes for every company and challenge
  • We achieve measurable improvement gains in minimal time
  • We specialize in knowledge transfer that ensures ongoing success

Operational Excellence

Designed to improve every area of your organization’s performance, we achieve operational excellence through proven Lean Six Sigma principles, improving efficiency and increasing profitability.

Supply Chain Management

In every industry, improvements to your Supply Chain performance is an ongoing opportunity to increase customer satisfaction, financial performance, and operational flexibility.

Acquisitions and Integration

We provide the tools and expertise to help your company identify risks and opportunities for improvement in prospective acquisitions—then quickly realize maximum value once the business is acquired.

Leadership and Change Management

Engaged leaders are vital to operational excellence. Our customized Leadership Development and Transformational Change programs provide you with a standardized approach to change.

Program and Project Management

Successful delivery of programs is critical to your business, customers, and shareholders. Our structured approach and proprietary tool kit helps you meet every defined project objective.

Three ways CBS can help you “own” lasting change.

We take time to understand your business, your marketplace, your challenges and your goals— every solution we bring to the table is based on current data and long experience. Here are three things you can do to ensure your own success:

  1. Create engaged, competent leadership equipped with the right tools to manage both daily and strategic business objectives
  2. Provide standardized tools and business systems that are visually obvious and applied without variation
  3. Instill knowledge and personal empowerment throughout your workforce, supporting their ability to make process improvements

What can CBS do for you?

We are expert operational problem-solvers, bringing unmatched industry experience, creative thinking and a collaborative approach to every company we engage with. To learn how we can help you with your continuous improvement efforts, call us at 973-509-0110 x147 for a complimentary consultation.